Moody Book Monday #4 All Good Things Come in Threes


It’s universally agreed that Monday is the worst day of the week. We’d all rather just skip Monday and start the week on Tuesday. That’s why Book Babbles and Blues and Olivia Chanel clasped their hands together and created Moody Book Monday. Even though Mondays suck, books don’t and we can still make Monday a little better by blogging about our favorite bookish stuff. We will talk about our favorite recommendations, make lists and ramble away about things going on in the book world. However, there’s more: Moody Book Monday is also all about guest posts! So I, Amy, will be uploading my post on Olivia’s blog and vice versa and you can participate too. Hit up a collaboration exchange with your favorite blog, or if you want to join our little exchange, leave a comment or hit us up with an email. Let’s all try to make Monday a little better, yeah?

Hi guys!

It’s that time again: Moody Book Monday. This week Olivia came up with an idea that I immediately said yes to and that is that all good things come in threes: pick three characters, three things they’d bring to a deserted island and three people they’d want with them. I had a lot of fun thinking on this one and I like what I’ve decided on. Hope you do too, enjoy!

1. My first character is my number one book boyfriend and husband: Adrian Ivashkov. I’m sad I’m sending him to a deserted island, but at least my babe won’t be alone since I can send three characters with him. But I’ll get to those in a bit, first the three things he’d bring with them. Hopefully Sydney will have rubbed off on him and he’ll be smart enough to bring some things that are actually helpful. So first I’m gonna go with rope, because that can be handy for many things. The second item will be a book about something like How To Survive A Deserted Island or This Is How You Build A Raft. And the last thing is hair gel. Because he’s still Adrian, after all. And then now the people he’d bring along! The first one is, of course, the love of his life Sydney Sage, because I can’t bear to break the two of them up and because Sydney is crazy smart and would find a way to get off the island. The second character is Eddie Castile, because he’s strong, smart and knows how to fight. Might get in handy on an island of which you don’t know it’s dangers. The third and last character I’m sending along is Declan. And if you’ve read The Ruby Circle, you will know why.

2. My second character has got to be… Will Herondale. The three things he’ll bring to the island are his stele (because a shadowhunter can’t be without), a seraph blade (what if you come across demons?) and, knowing William, a good book. Probably A Tale of Two Cities to appease Tessa. Which brings me to the three people he’d bring along: of course he’s going to bring Tessa. Then the two of them can read A Tale Of Two Cities together when they need some alone time. The second person of course has to be Jem. Ya can’t separate parabatai. Ya just can’t. And the last person Will is going to take along is Cecily. Because brotherly love and because Cecily loves adventure.

3. My third and last character that I’m sending to a desert island is Gwendolyn Shepherd from the Ruby Red trilogy (or Gwyneth as y’all English people call her). I mean, she can time travel, how cool would that be to go back in time.. on a deserted island! Maybe she’ll come across an old tribe or endangered animal. It’d be awesome. Okay back to the task at hand. The three things Gwenny can bring along are: the chronograph, otherwise time travelling will get sucky, her phone (even though that thing is not gonna work and/or will die pretty soon) and a picture of her family (because she’ll miss her mom and her siblings while she’s trying to get off that island). The first person she’d drag along with her is Gideon de Villiers, because ya know they’re lovers and time travelling is kind of boring all alone. The second person is Leslie, because Gwen and Leslie are like the best of friends and Leslie is awesome and funny and she’ll make being stuck on that island a bit better. And the last person, who’s not really a person but more of a demonish ghost, is Xemerius. Because he’s a cute little thing and also quite smart and entertaining. He and Leslie would make a great comedic duo. If only Leslie could see him.

Those are the three characters I’ve picked! Thanks for checking out my post. To see Olivia’s picks, click here to read her post on my blog.

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