Review Policy


If you are an author or publisher and would like for me to review a book for you then you can contact me on my email address or through my Contact Me page. You can also send me an email if you would like for me to be a part of your blog tour.

I accept both ebooks and physical books as review copies. If a review copy has been provided to me it will not be shared and/or sold to any third-party.

I read Young Adult and New Adult books, as well as Adult books, and my favorite subgenres to those are contemporary, romance, mystery, suspense, fantasy, time travel, and adventure. However, I tend to always want to try new things so send me your request and I will look it over on a case by case basis.


All my reviews are solely based on my honest opinion. If an ARC or review copy was provided to me, it will not affect my review in any way. It will be written and executed in the same manner as a review of a book I have purchased myself.


My reviews are based on my own opinions and will also include the following points:

  • Cover
  • Goodreads link
  • Genres
  • Date the book is published
  • Purchase links
  • Rating
  • Synopsis/blurb
  • My thoughts

The book cover picture and other book details will be taken from Goodreads or the author’s official website.


I know most people rate books with stars but since I like to add a little flair to my life I have decided to rate my books with the number of cake slices they are worth (honestly, this is how you truly measure how fantastic something is).


  • 1 Planet = I didn’t like this book, it was problematic and/or I didn’t finish it. I wouldn’t recommend this book to other people.
  • 2 Planets = This book had issues similar to that of the books with one cake slice. However, it still had something to appreciate making it two slices instead of one.
  • 3 Planets = I liked the book, however, it had some aspects that were just not right for me. I would only recommend this book to others who like similar books.
  • 4 Planets = I really liked this book and enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend it to all of my fellow book lovers and friends.
  • 5 Planets = This book was amazing, I loved it with my whole heart. It was beyond this world and I need everyone to read this book.

Thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!